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  1. bess

    Hey There

    Hi Caty, My husband is a horse trainer. I knew nothing about horses when we started dating, I was actually quite terrified of them. He has shown me so much. I have even (almost) gotten over my fear. They are such beautiful and powerful creatures. My husband trains horses to work on ranches. I especially love to watch him do ground work. There is just such an amazing connection there between trainer and horse. I love to watch it. I also love watching him ride. I didn't ever realize how in sync horse and rider are. It's actually quite amazing. Anyway......I supose I'll try and get to the point....... Welcome to AS. I also am new here. I've already found comfort and encouragement here. It's nice to know that everyone here understands what your going through and that your not alone. Bess
  2. Victoriaplaceo, Well, I was a small child and never told anyone.....I've never seen a therapist. The thought really freaks me out. I mean talking to a complete stranger about stuff like this seems unbearable to me. I think thats part of the reason I'm here. Maybe if I can manage to anonomousty talk about it, I'll find the courage to do it in a real life, face to face situation. I have recently told my husband a little about what happened and we've talked a little about therapy.....but I just don't think I could do it. Also, thank you all for welcoming me to AS:)
  3. Hi, My name is Bess. I guess I'm just introducing myself to the AS community. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm really ready to talk about my past experiences....saying things out loud..or even writing them seem to valdate things too much. I just know I need something. After so many years it suddenly seems as though my insides may soon explode. I really hope that I can find the courage to break my silence, I'm just not sure when, or if, that will happen.
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