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    The cute geek over there =]
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    Snowyy Spokane, Washington
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    I love school its my heart and soul =]<br />I love playing the violin, viola and piano I dont know what i would do without music<br /><br />Then theres my pug =] rollarblading<br />writing drawing reading and of course internetiing

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  1. Welcome here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the people are great and u'll love it
  2. Araya

    New ! =]

    So some things about me Im in 8th grade and I do really good in school I play a viola and Im on student council I play softball vollyball and track Im in leadership and I lovvee school My dads sexually abused me ever since I can remember I self injure and I have a slight eating disorder I want help I need help I need people to talk to So I found this website =] ummm that about it Im super nervous
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