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  1. your face still haunts me ---------- i just want to forget his face.. PLEASE!
  2. Hi. Im Tink. Obviously, it is not my real name, but people do actually call me Tink. And its not cause im small, im actually 6ft! Im 19 years old and i live in Australia. Ive joined a couple of survivor forums recently, cause i like that i can type and not talk, and actually be 'heard' if that makes sense. I dont talk about myself, so its hard to open up to anyone here in my day to day life. But recently ive been feeling everything just stack on top of eachother as my life has taken some pretty curvy roads this half of 2008. So here i am, hoping in some way, that letting bits go out into the world, and receiving support from you amazing folks, i can eleviate something inside of me. I cant wait to feel lighter, im not ready to really confront my issues, so i really hope this works. XX Tink.
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