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    Studying English history, crocheting, reading, crossword puzzles, word searches, (computer) Mah Jong and Solitaire, acting.
  1. And a nice, warm welcome from the super-cool City of Fountains, Kansas City, Missouri! (Also home of the world's finest barbecue, by our own admission.)
  2. Do you feel our nice, warm group hug?
  3. C'mon, everybody---scoot over and make some room, okay?
  4. Don't sweat it, poo---there's nothing quite like a nice, long, warm welcome to put as big a smile on your heart as it does on your face. . .
  5. We kept your spot warm for ya. . .
  6. Don't worry, sweetheart. Take it in baby steps until you warm to it, okay?
  7. reddd


    Welcome! How do you take your tea, sweetheart?
  8. If we're meeting at the pub tonight, I'll provide the entertainment with my belching, okay? I used to belch instead of ringing the doorbell---it drove the neighours in the apartment building NUTS!
  9. I'm glad you're here, dear!
  10. Welcome, Lauri! Nobody in their right mind would expect you to just "let it go" overnight. As the Three Stooges used to say, "Rome wasn't built in a day---and neither was Syracuse!" I hope that you find the loving support here that you need, so that you can feel strong. The strength is there, deep inside you. You just need some help and patience to coax it out into the light.
  11. Hey, Sarah, don't worry about me---I'm okay, really. It's just that my husband and I find this board really addictive, in that we want so much to help others, and it sure helps us to keep things in perspective. This woman who (along with her teenaged, mentally retarded daughter) lived with us for almost three years because they needed help, decided to "thank" us by claiming that my husband had been doing something to her daughter since they came back from up north. My poor husband is utterly horrified at the very thought of it, and I can assure you that the very opportunity for it to happen
  12. reddd


    Yippee! You made it! I'm so glad! As I like to say, find a comfy chair, curl up in your favourite afghan or quilt, and specify whether you want a cup of cocoa or cappucino or coffee or tea or whatever. Because that's the effect this will have on you---you'll feel pretty warm and safe. I haven't been on for all that long, and I ALREADY feel that way! These folks are wonderful at making you feel very, very welcome.
  13. Cuddle up inside your favourite quite or afghan, here's a nice hot cup of cocoa---now relax. You're among friends. Let the pain drop from you, and smile. . .
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