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  1. Welcome to AS, your among friends.
  2. davey


    Welcome. I'm only here a few days have no experience of other forums, i do find this one of great help, lots of nice people here.
  3. davey

    Hi Im New

    Welcome, i'm new also, we all got the same things in common and can alll help each other through this rocky road.
  4. Welcome to the board, it's difficult for our partners also, he understands more than you may think, after all ye are together 12 years.
  5. davey


    Thanks for the replies, it means a lot to me
  6. davey


    HI, I really don't know what to expect or do,I'm hoping i can gain some help and advice on how to cope with what i am now facing,I was sa as a child and teenager,for the last eight months I've been going to counselling and its difficult to deal with,this is my first time in a forum
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