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  1. Someone once asked about this and we were advised that the site software is designed to show male or female, and role codes of specified groups of users.so unfortunately, one would have to click on the profile to see an individuals gender when the member you are looking at is staff , contributing member, secondary survivor, etc. , and we can't modify this. Sorry! Andrea
  2. This has been brought up with the admins of the website and when joining, the host program can only differentiate between male or female, if someone is in a situation other wise (non gender specific) they can PM a moderator or admin and we can provide access to forums they may not have automatic access too. This is maybe something that may change in the future, but for now- this is the solution we have.
  3. Welcome! We have such a wonderful community here, I hope you find all the support you are looking for. Please feel free to make yourself at home!
  4. Welcome! I hope you find all the care and support you are looking for here at Aftersilence.
  5. I am sure a moderator may be able to give a definitive answer...but I went looking..because I remember reading something about this when I joined the site...and believe this link to the Terms of service for Aftersilence answers this question. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=2390
  6. Welcome back Hurt, Glad you decided to come back Andrea
  7. Hello Sorry I didn't go back into this post a while back..after I stated my position. I would like to say that there may be ways to manipulate the system in such a way as to register as a survivor when one isn't but I would like to have faith in people that they are honest about their situations. I must add that many have come forward when they were registered as survivors in error and not secondaries to have it corrected-to those people-thank you for you're honesty and respect for survivors. Personally, I have been on my healing journey for years and my husband is very supportive...but as
  8. I'm not in favor for the reason's already said. I think as survivors some of our feelings/thoughts and very private and difficult for us to type on a board where no one knows us...I can;t imagine my husband reading all the VERY positive things I say about him and our own issues steming from abuse HEHEHEHE Andrea
  9. Welcome to AS, I hope you find all the support, and understanding that you are looking for. Take care! Andrea
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