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    scrapbooking, crafting, reading, writing, poetry, swimming! , playing with my black lab and hanging out with my 14 year old son
  1. (((((((((((((warchild))))))))))) welcome to AS How very brave of you to try the forum out again. You are worth it. We are here for you, hun. Be gentle with you Kris
  2. (((((((((((((ciara)))))))))))) safe hugs...Welcome to AS!! I am so glad you were able to find us. Post as you feel comfortable, go at your own pace. We are here to support one another. I am so sorry for the hurts that brought you here. Hope to talk to you soon, take care kris
  3. Hi merry robin- not sure exactly waht you mean regarding your internet browsing. Are you meaning that we should have another name for learning to enjoy sex after SA? please explain- cuz it sounds interesting. take care and welcome! Krissy
  4. (((((((((((rucksmom)))))))))))) safe hugs I am glad you found AS- I have found it to be a safe place to heal- I hope you do too. Kris
  5. ((((grace)))) safe hugs...Welcome to AS I hope you find this to be a safe place to heal. Hope to talk to you see! Kris
  6. (((((soloko))))) safe hugs....I hope that you will feel safe and welcomed here at AS. Take all the time you need to feel comfortable about posting. It is a very hard thing to know what to say and how to say it and then how will it be recieved. But jsut know that we support you! Your pain is real..if you felt it it is real and it matters. Take care of you and I hope to talk to you soon. Kris
  7. Welcome to AS ((((scared j)))) You did a brave thing by saying what you did- and it says it all. I hope you find AS to be a supportive place to help you as you heal and grow. Take you time posting, we will be here to support you in any way we can. Take care of you. Kris
  8. ((((jess)))) hi and welcome to AS!!! Glad to meet you and I hope you find this to be a safe place to share your hurts and find support. Kris p.s. I love your pic of Selena! oh how I loved her!
  9. Welcome Paperdoll! I hope you find this to be a safe place to help you in your healing. Kris
  10. Welcome to AS ((((((silent moe)))))))) I am so sorry for all you have been thru sweetie. I don't know either waht would be required of the teacher legally after she reports it to either child services or her principal....I wonder if going to a womans crisis center might help. They might be able to tell you the ins and outs and point you in the direction of counseling and they might not be required to tell your mother depending on your age. I don't know. I am sorry that you are afraid to tell your mom about it, I hope that your situation changes with that and you feel safe enough to tell her.
  11. Welcome to AS ((((Larissa)))) I hope you find this a safe place to gain support in your healing journey. And as Donna said...it is a process of healing, coping with the affects of the abuse. It will in time, not consume you. I hope you find support in real life as well to aid you in this recovery. Be gentel with yourself you have been thru a horrific ordeal. Honor your feelings and you will soon be able to heal them. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care Kris
  12. Welcome ((((Dawn))))) I hope you find this to be an encouraging forum, as I have. May it help you and support you in your healing journey Kris
  13. welcome sierra! hope you feel comfortable here
  14. ((((((((((((((((((pinkyjo))))))))))))))))))) I am so glad you came!!!!!! I hope you find this to be a warm place..unlike where you (and I ) were hurt. Love you lots sweetie! K
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