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  1. Thank you so much Smurphgirl, you have helped, thank you for the book recommendations. My explosions don't happen often and probably because I'm so afraid of them I don't allow myself to get angry. I have become very, very passive. So again thank you very much! Sincerely- Sharla
  2. Hello- I am new here, I found this site while looking for some help. I am looking for books, articles or websites which would help with triggered anger which stems from sexual abuse by my biological father. I rarely get angry now, but on occasion my fiance and I will get into an argument, or any other family member and if it gets heated enough I lose control and if they get near me I get physical. I need to be able to recognize the signs that I am reaching that point before I get there and learn how to handle myself in those situations. Can anyone here recommend anything? Thank you
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