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  1. bayler


    Hi aer23 Welcome to AS. I hope your first session went ok. If you want to post about it we will be here to listen and support you. Bayler
  2. Hi jmesdouglas Welcome to AS. I joined here in November and I am still learning how the site works. Just take your time and ask if you need to know anything. We are here to listen and support you. Bayler
  3. Hi Satva I am glad you found this site and that you have found it helpful. I look forward to reading your posts. I am from the UK. Bayler
  4. Hi Blossums An excellent post. TO ALL MODS When I first found AS my mind was on how do I work this computer, what are the rules, what do I post and where, will I cope with reading and responding to others, will I be triggered. I am ashamed to say I never gave the mods a thought. But as I start to heal [here anyway - perhaps not in the real world yet] I have come to appreciate what all you mods do. This site wouldn't work without survivors [and secondary survivors] posting. Their support and love is an important part of this site and I have said thank you many times and had thank yous s
  5. Hi pattyr I had never posted anything either until I came here and my abuse happened a long time before it suddenly sat up and hit me in the face. We are here to listen and support you. You are among friends. Take care Bayler
  6. Hi damagedmask So sorry to hear about your accident but glad you are still with us and on the road to recovery. Bayler
  7. Hi StarLitNight Welcome to AS. I look forward to reading your posts. Bayler
  8. bayler


    Hi dolphin A warm welcome to AS from the other side of the world. Bayler
  9. When I started to read these posts I had a panic attack. I was very worried about upsetting people so felt I couldn't post what I felt. The post from Ashley-Michele has given me the courage to say that I would not feel safe if there was such a forum. This is my only safe place and I would be thinking all the time about what was being said, would I be blamed, am I guilty for the secondary survivors problems. Everytime I logged on I would see it. I know it's not fair and I feel guilty and I am sorry for feeling this way. Maybe if I was further down the healing line it wouldn't matter but it does
  10. bayler


    Hi Secre Welcome to AS. We are here to support and listen when you feel ready to post.
  11. Hi Roxanne994 I too am a survivor of childhood abuse. I am sorry for what happened to you but glad you have found this site. We are here to listen and support you when ever you need us. Welcome friend.
  12. Hi michelle77 Welcome to AS. I was scared when I posted for the first time. My hands were shaking so much I did a double-post. We are always here to listen and support. Welcome friend.
  13. Hi ellie5683 Welcome. We are here to listen when you are ready to talk. Bayler
  14. Hi MysteryBounty Welcome to AS. I am sorry to hear about your girlfriend and what she went through and the pain it must cause both of you. I hope this site helps you as your post has already helped me. It is comforting to know there are some men out there that are so supportive. Bayler
  15. I must be very thick! I had no idea this was all going on. I would never knowingly hurt anyone but I do sometimes suffer from 'foot in mouth' so would just like to say I'm sorry if I have ever upset anyone and would like to offer hugs to all who would like to accept them. Bayler
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