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  1. I know what you are going through. Firstly you need to find someone to talk to about your ordeal. I am finally talking to a therapist 28 years after my first incident of abuse. And the road for me is hell because I tried to hide it all. But seek out someone to talk to. There is counselling from local church groups, women's groups, even at the hospitals or mental health services. But you need to talk about it. I am finally feeling that I can get through this because I have a great therapist. He picks me up when I am down. As for reporting it, it is up to you. I strongly would consider repo
  2. Jen You say that you don't want to deal with the issue. I have to tell you that you have to - for the sake of those who you love and your family. I too did not want help, but it came to the point where my marriage was in trouble and the dog did not want to get near me. I was such a angry person and still am. But I am on such great medications to help me control my anger and calm me down. I was yelling at coworkers for no reason, same with my husband no reason. The abuses that I suffered had nothing to do with them, yet they were the brunt of my anger. I am now dealing with the issue
  3. Welcome to the sight There are so many caring persons on this site that can help us.
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