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  1. Thanks, Patty, dodo and Salty! It's good to be back!
  2. Merci, John! It was nice to have met you in chat tonight, as well! I'm sure I'll see you around more often.
  3. Hey, LC, welcome to AS. It's understandable that you're struggling right now... I'm so sorry that you've had to go through everything that you've had to. Please know that this site is here if you need to talk about anything, and if you're looking for people who will understand, in my opinion, you've come to the right place. Take care, hun. Sarah
  4. Welcome to AS, bhamina. I hope you find the site to provide you with the strength and support that you need to get through this... take care, and I'm sure I'll see you around. Sarah
  5. Hey Dreamy, I'm glad you found the site I hope you find it to be useful in dealing with some of the things you're faced with right now (or as they come)... hopefully you will soon see that you're not alone. Take care!! Sarah
  6. Amazon, Welcome to AS! Personally (minus the random disappearance I had for quite some time), I find this site to be very helpful and comforting. It's nice to know that people here know how hard it is to speak up, how much pain everyone is in... that way, we can all be here for each other in every step through this. I hope you find the strength that you are looking for, and I'm sure that, with time, you will. Use the people around you (the counselor that you're seeing, and your friend) as people to go to when things seem overbearing. I know what finals are like... I'm in the middle of mine r
  7. So... I kinda disappeared off the face of this board for a while, and just tonight I decided to check it out again. I feel as though I should re-introduce myself since it's been so long... Name: Sarah Age: 20 AND I'm from Canada. Woot! That's all, really... I plan on posting more often and becoming more active, sorry about the random disappearance. Anyway, hope all is well with all of you!
  8. I feel kinda weird because I know this is a joke-ish post (even though it's not, or something... lol) because you've been here for awhile but never posted an introduction.... the funny thing is, I haven't met you yet, lol. (I just joined a couple of weeks ago) so yeah, welcome-ish, although you've been here for awhile! ^_^ Hopefully I'll see you around and I'll get to know you more! Take care!! ((Francesca)) Love, Sarah
  9. ((Beth)) Welcome to AS, hon, I hope you find what you need here, and I'll hopefully get to know you some more. Take care, and I'm here if you need anything. Love, Sarah
  10. Hey... welcome to AS... I hope you enjoy your stay here and find the support and encouragement that you need to get you through this. ((safe hugs)) Take care, and I'll probably see you around. Love, Sarah
  11. ((((sleeper)))) Please don't feel that you have to apologize for not feeling like posting and/or replying... as Meg said, we all have days where we feel like it takes too much to muster up enough energy to type out a reply. No one's going to hold that against you, sweetie... we all understand. This is a hard thing to go through... you can post whenever you're ready. I know that, for me, I had to do a bit of browsing before I could actually post my introduction... so I mean, we've all been through it, and understand how you feel. You never have to worry about saying the wrong thing, either. I
  12. ((((swaskiw)))) It's understandable how you feel so alone and everything... it doesn't sound crazy at all. I'm sorry you've been through so much, but it proves how strong you are that you're still pulling through... ((safe hugs)) Welcome to AS, though... I hope you find this place to be as supportive and comforting as I do. Take care, sweetie. Love, Sarah
  13. Welcome, PinkyJo... I'm sorry that happened with your grandfather, but it's good that you're going through therapy for it. I hope you enjoy your stay here... take care, hey? ((safe hugs)) Love, Sarah
  14. ((Mindysue)) Welcome, sweetie. I hope you get the support, etc, that you need here. Take care and I'll see you around, okay? ((safe hugs)) Love, Sarah
  15. ((((Kitty)))) Hey, hon... as other people have said, I think it's safe to say that it was r*pe. I wish you didn't even have a reason to consider whether it was or not... I'm so sorry it happened to you. You said no a number of times and he didn't listen... that doesn't make it your fault. ((Safe hugs)) Take care, sweetheart... I'm here if you need anything. Love, Sarah
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