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  1. Hi! It took me over six years to acknowledge what happened to me, and then emotions just built up so much that I had to let them out, so I completely understand your feeling of wanting to burst. Just don't try to force anything. Take things at your own rate, which is different for everyone. If you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me. Welcome to AS!
  2. Hi. After over six years of silence, a few months ago I finally confronted what happened to me. It all came pouring out at once, maybe because I'd been denying anything had ever happened, even to myself, for so long. I dealt with it some and talked to a couple of friends, then the overwhelming feelings went away and I thought I was moving on. Until recent events (in other words, a relationship) dredged it all back up again and I've realized it's not over, it just got pushed to the back burner this summer while I was so busy. Now I'm all confused about what to feel because I've had horrible moo
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