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  1. welcome to as! you can message me anytime!
  2. at this point with everything i would say go to hell stupid fuckers i hope tho that one day i wont still be this angry...
  3. welcome to as! message me anytime
  4. im glad you started posting but i am so sorry for what you went through
  5. jmr421


    welcome to as. im glad you found your way here . you can message me if you ever need anything. sending if its ok
  6. welcome to as! im glad you found us! if you ever want to feel free to message me!
  7. i was also wondering if i could get the password for it
  8. hi, im new here i came across this website and im very glad i did i have been struggling so much with what has happened it feels like the worlds crashing down most of the time its only been a few weeks and it feels like i have barely gotten through those, what happened is haunting me and it hurts so so much
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