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    Never trust a happy song.

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    the corner of grey street and the end of the world

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  1. Hi there. Welcome to AS! I am so sorry for the circumstances that brought you here but so glad you've found our forums. Feel free to look around and get aquatinted with the boards/members. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums!
  2. Welcome to AS! Glad you've found you way here... Its a wonderful, supportive community and the survivors here are great at relating and offering advice.
  3. You can message myself, islandgal, sunshinee, shortcake and angelic. We can't help with everything, but can with some things. We are working on getting new moderators in place but it has unfortunately been a slow process.
  4. flea


    I love the song Gravity... Welcome back to AS!
  5. You definitely belong. I know how hard it is to not compare yourself to others at times, but your trauma deserves just as much time and attention as any other traumas you encounter on here. You deserve to be heard and to heal from it. I hope you can find some of that here!
  6. So glad you found your way back here
  7. Welcome to AS! Im sure if you look around on the forums you will find that you are surrounded by people who understand welcome to the forums and im glad you found your way here!
  8. I'm learning to move on. I'm learning how to survive!
  9. chicken in a biskit original baked snack crackers. . . simple carbohydrates that taste like fried chicken . . .what could be better?? ;)
  10. I'm learning the REAL truth. I WILL get over you. You can't control me anymore. ^^^ it feels good to say those things!
  11. I look forward to hopefully reading some of your poetry welcome to AS!
  12. Welcome to the forum I hope you find the boards to be an asset in your healing journey. . . Take gentle care
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