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  1. Struggling To Find An Outlet

    Welcome to AS I am sorry you are here too though that you had to go through something so awful. I am glad you have support though. It is important to have that. And it might help to tell at least someone in your family or a close friend but only ones you feel comfortable enough and only if you feel ready but I hope you look into counseling you have post trauma completely natural but I would get to counseling before it turns into PTSD I have it like most survivors but I didn't get enough help. I wasted time in counseling because I was scared to talk about it, but it is ok to talk about it. Just somewhere safe. I hope you get at least some of the help you need here. It can be a good theraputic place to vent your emotions. Good luck on your journey and if you need help you can message me anytime.
  2. Hello...

    I hope you find the comfort and company you need here good luck with your journey (I know you've already been on your journey for a while lol just wishing you good luck w/ the rest of it) and as a welcome there is a dancing penguin! I always wanted to use that icon lol