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    escaping to another world in books

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  1. emmalee


    thanks guys. it's nice to know that im welcome here, as many of the few people ive told about my problems have either ignored what i said, or acted like i had just made it all up for attention. it's like people dont want to help or anything, and if you try to talk to them they run away, people dont care about the problems, they just wanna hear the good stuff. i just want someone to actually care that im upset and hurting thanks again
  2. emmalee


    hey everyone, just thought id post in here cuz im new here and just trying to get used to all of this. i've only ever used a site like this once about 2 years ago but i was a bit too scared to use it properly because i sort of feel like an attention seeker who doesnt really need help as there are so many other people who've been through worse than me. okay ill shutup now, thanks
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