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  1. I know the mod has spoken, but I just want to point out that it's a great idea. The more the secondaries have support, the better supportive they can be for their primary. I'm very sorry you felt that way baylor, but that is exactly the way secondaries feel with their fishbowl forums that everyone can see. If they have true distress to express, they can't fully, because they know it will upset survivors. And keeping it in doesn't mean that they are not distressed, -- it does not stop secondaries from being upset -- it merely means they can't express it here and have the support they n
  2. then you're already winning! welcome, and I know people here will be as helpful as they can be. see you around the boards.
  3. Welcome to AS I hope we can help you through your healing as much as possible.
  4. rainy


    Hello and welcome to AS.
  5. Welcome. I'm new too, but it's a friendly and safe place. See you around the boards
  6. rainy


    I'm new here too. Welcome
  7. rainy

    Hi There

    I'm new too, but welcome.
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