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    Studying and being an A student! Going to alcohol recovery meetings and sharing my experience, strength and hope with other women. Drawing, painting, collage, and many forms of art. Hugs and summersualts. Swimming in the beautiful lakes in this great state of Michigan. Rooting for the PISTONS and TIGERS!!! Declaring Detroit the best place on earth!

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  1. I highly recomend Common Ground Sactuary for anyone in Metro-Detroit. When I was raped that is where I went and they have the most caring and proactive staff.
  2. Mods, I tried to update my avatar with a new picture and it said something about an error. When I went back to see if my old one was there it was not. So I tried to upload the old one and it said the file is too large. Can I please just have my old one back? Or let me know why the other picture would not upload. It did not say anything about the file being too big. Also I tried to upload a picture of myself to my personal page and it would not upload. All my pictures are in VGA format, so they should be the right size. Thank You, Kristine
  3. Thats would be lovely indeed! I have a lotus background on my MySpace page and I even stole the line about the lotus bloom. Haha! Love it!
  4. Welcome to AS!!! I too, relized a year ago, after coming here for months related to a rape, that I was abused. I didn't hadle it as well as you seem to be. I praise you for that. Keep up the good work, you'll make it! God Bless, Kristine
  5. of course you're welcome here, just because you have DID doesn't mean we will turn you away. Heck I have Schizoaffective Disorder and they all love me. Soo.... Welcome to After Silence!!!! God Bless, Kristine
  6. Welcome to After Silence KARI!!!! We're very glad you are here too, hope to see ya around. God bless, Kristine
  7. Welcome to After Silence!!!! We're are very glad you are here too, you're gunna love it! God bless, Kristine
  8. Welcome to AS!!!!! We are so very happy you are here and we are here to love and support you on this journey. God bless, Kristine
  9. Welcome to AS, Leeann!!!!!! Hope you get out for this place as much as the rest of us have. and remeber we are here to love and support you always! God bless, Kristine
  10. Welcome to After Silence!!!!! You'll be very happy you desided to come here and we are glad you did too! God bless, Kristine
  11. Welcome to AS!!!! I am very glad you're here aswell, keep coming back! God bless, Kristine
  12. Welcome to AS!!!!! We are very glad you're here, hope you stick around for us to get to know one another. God bless, Kristine
  13. Welcome to After Silence STAR!!!! YOu are definatly in the right place and we are all here to love and support you whenever you need it. I know when i first started having memories of my brother abusing me i wasn't sure they were true. but then i was told your mind doesn't make things up and what your remebering is most definatly TRUE! keep that in mind and remeber we love you! God bless, Kristine
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