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  1. Nicole


    Thanks for the welcome No idea where to post next though lol i feel so silly
  2. Nicole


    Hi everyone. i registered here probably almost 2 years ago now but hardly ever posted. Every so often I get sent a private message that is obvously intended for someone else so I usually just come on the site to inform the sender they got the wrong person, have a bit of a read then go away and try to forget it all happened again. I have been having some triggers lately so this time I thought I'd say hello to you all instead of just lurking for a while
  3. Nicole


    Thankyou everyone, you're all very kind welcoming me like that
  4. Nicole


    Hi everyone. I joined yesterday and had a look around so I think it's about time I said hello. I'm 30 live in UK and sadly have reason to be here. It's terrible any of us do but nice to know there are people out there who understand
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