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  1. Im sorry you have to post here too, but know now that you are not alone. Welcome to AS
  2. Also, i just checked the new posts and noticed how many veiws there were on the easier to answer threads like the "yes or no" or the "band name game" etc. There is over double the amount of veiws on those than actual replies and in my opinion they are quite easy to respond to. Im not trying to make you feel silly by mentioning these things, i just want you to be comfortable about it coz im pretty sure you cant disable that feature.
  3. i just wanted to add that I personally go and re read topics ALL the time. I check to see what other people have written, if anyone wanted me to elaborate on what I may have said, I check it again too see other peoples veiws on the topic to see where I can improve on my answer and generally just wanna make sure people are being supported in a postive way and also if i think of something else I may go back and post it or someone else might have already so i leave it. So if this is done by one person on this entire board by one post.. i can only imagine why the veiws get up sooo high. :hug: :
  4. Welcome to AS... and dont worry were all mad here! LOL :hug: :hug:
  5. Sounds annoying to fix.. I vote you discuss your jokes with the computer before hand and see if it thinks it can come up with something better, i would be interested to see what it says
  6. Welcome to AS You sound amazing, good luck and hope to see you posting!
  7. You may have wireless like me. My internet drops out and renews its IP address everytime. This will cause you to need to log back in. If this is the case then theres nothing you can do about it hun
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