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  1. can I ask a question - does anybody else out there find it difficult to go to the doctor?? i guess it particularly triggers me this time of year because of it being breast cancer awareness month. my mother died of cancer and i have been told on several occasions that i will need to get tested...but any kind of exam (breast, pelvic, colorectal...hell, plain 'ole physical) FREAKS me out!!
  2. Well - only ten beer later and I finally got the courage to write! Nice to hear from you StormyPugs...I have seen posts from you previously (ok, so I've been lurking a bit to get comfortable) and I'm glad you are my age - but not glad for your pain ;-(
  3. I'm almost 34 (ugh!) but seems like people on here are either 20+ or 40+ ...any middle agers'...victoriaplaceo do you fall in this category
  4. Thanks - but what now??? Although a welcome is nice, I don't know where to turn???
  5. Hi new to AS - seems like a lot of the folk are pretty young...I'm not even well versed in this whole bloggin' thing. Just starting to realize/understand the magnitude of my childhood assault and how it has effected my life. Was looking for a place I could talk about the various consequences.
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