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  1. Hey, I havn't been on the site in some time myself, but I'd just like to welcome you.
  2. Hey Kate Nice to meet you and Welcome to AS!! Don't feel out of place or like you I don't belong!! ..because you do. Brokeninside
  3. Hey and Welcome!! I avn't been that much of an active member of late but this site is great and full of truly caring and helpful people!! Best of luck BrokenInside
  4. Brokeninside


    Hey! nice to meet you and welcome to AS!! If you ever need to talk feel free to PM me! love and support! Broken inside.
  5. Brokeninside


    I'm so sorry you are having a hard time. But I'm also glad you found this site. I know before I found so alone in what I was going through, but the I relised I'm are not alone! And either are you. This site is full of truly wonderful and supportive people. Am, nothing else to say except, welcome to AS!!! Oh, and I'm here if you need to talk! Safe hugs.
  6. Hey, welcome to AS!! I'm here if you need somebody to lend a ear!! Love&support Brokeninside! <3
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