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  1. Im Not New But....

    welcome back. "rebroken"? i'm sorry if you are in a bad place right now. please take gentle care of yourself.
  2. Hello

    welcome! i hope you find support and peace here.
  3. It Has Been A Long Time My Dears.

    that's awesome. i don't come on here too much anymore. i come here to help and to get help regarding depression symptoms and the occasion ptsd comeback. as far as all of my abusive past, i am also a survivor. no longer blaming myself for what happened. we CAN all get there. agreed.
  4. Finally Trying To Work This All Out

    hi. welcome to AS. i hope you take comfort and support here. i sometimes like to warn newbies here.. be aware of how you are doing before you read triggering posts. sometimes at first it can be overwhelming. take your time here, be gentle with yourself.
  5. Male Victim Saying Hello.

    welcome. hope you find understanding, unconditional kindness and support here.
  6. me too. i have days when it doesn't pop into my head. it does take a while..
  7. Forum / Thread Suggestion

    i agree. excellent idea. i think it could include social phobia/anxiety as well.
  8. So Pleased To Have Joined

    welcome cat. hope you find support here
  9. Newbie :)

  10. Hello

    welcome. i hope you find healing here. be aware of your triggers and try not to emerge yourself too much right away. it's a problem i had when i began here. i love this place and most everyone here. it can be so helpful to talk and listen.
  11. Hello Everyone

    welcome. take your time here. be careful what you chose to read if you are highly triggered. most inportantly, you don't have to talk until you are absolutely ready. i am a firm believer that telling too much before your ready doesn't help. we'll be here for you when you are ready. take care.
  12. I Am Back

    you don't need to "make up".. we're glad you're okay and welcome back.
  13. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    my husband.. "no means yes" my 1st therapist.. "well, at least it wasn't worse.."
  14. What Did You Do For You Today?

    i went outside and had a good cry for myself.
  15. New To All This....

    welcome. this place can be very inspiring, filled with empathy, comfort and support. hope you that true.