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  1. I talked to DamagedMask at about 8pm last night when she texted me to let me know the surgery was done. I have also talked to her today & she is doing ok. They worked on the bandages this morning & now her foot hurts. All she's waiting on now is the physical therapist to bring the crutches so she can test them out & she will be going home at noon today. Follow up, she is calling a friend (at 10am today) to come pick her up. Only waiting on the crutches she will need. She is ok & will be home real soon. Thanks for all your comments & she will be posting again soon. O
  2. Good news,...... Though the surgery won't be til later this afternoon, the good news is that they are already letting her know that she should be able to go home by noon tomorrow. I'll be contacting her tomorrow at about 11am, to confirm her status, but will then leave a message here for all of you. After I told her that all of you say hi & get well soon, she started to say that she wasn't sure when she will be able to get online..... I stopped her right there & told her.........""you focus on taking care of you.... you lay down & rest first"" SHe said... "I'm tired of laying
  3. Hello all, I talked to her today, she still sounds a little gruggie from the meds she's probably on. She said the surgery will probably be later on today. Whimsical, I will let her know. She's more worried about her kids, her animals at home alone & all of you, than herself. I will leave a message on any updates tonight or tomorrow afternoon Onyx
  4. Hello All, I just wanted to leave this so everyone doesn't worry. DamagedMask was in a car accident on her way home lastnight. She is OK.. needs surgery on her left leg/ankle, but she is ok. She has always been a fighter & still is. In time she will be back home & lounging around having everyone doing things for her cuz she will be on crutches til the leg heals. Onyx
  5. Thank you everyone for your welcomes. And, anytime Phoenix. I love you very much. Onyx
  6. Just wanted to say hello. I'm in love with a survivor & continue to look for more & more advice on how to be there for them & myself. Onyx
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