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  1. hi Sara it's so nice to see your name. you've always been so kind to me. you make me feel like i'm at home here. thank you so much for that. damagedmaged
  2. thanks everyone, especially those who i've just met, it's nice to know that i've been missed and it's nice to know that i'm being thought of by those who don't even know me. i've been able to get online longer than the original 45 minutes if i push myself, which i've been doing. especially on nights like tonight when i just can't sleep. maybe i'll go to chat and see what is happening there. damagedmask
  3. thank you Sara Jane and Maddie i am finally recovering enough to be able to come online for about 45 minutes at a time before it starts hurting. i broke my pelvis bone in two places and my hip bone not to mention shattering my ankle. it was a mess. the rescue men thought they were coming to a fatiltiy until the lady i was talking to said i was talking to her than they really began to work to get me out. it still took them about three hours to get me out of the van. it was a huge mess. thankfully i don't rememeber the whole thing. damagedmask
  4. i fliped my minivan and it landed ontop of me. they had to use the jaws of life to get me out. i've been in the hospital for a while now trying to recover, i've finally recovered enough to be able to get back online. i just didn't want people to think i just up and disappeared. i had no way of letting you know what happened i'm sorry. damagedmask
  5. yeah that abouvers me tday. i can't even spdll right i keep having to go back and fixing whats not readable. anyways thank you all so much your kind thoughts and your prayer i think they worked wonders i should not have lived thru tht accident from what the parmedics anxd the ambulancd guy told md but God was certainly looking out or me that day. anyways thank you all it meens such a great deal to me to come home and see ths. well my leg is strting to hurting i have to g laydown ow. talk to ya'all soon. damagedmask
  6. i woke up this morning after a rough sleep, which i didn't get too much of by the way. and whats the first thing i see a PM from WiTt wishing me a belated birthday and asking me join him in chat. i really do not know what i'd do without all of you. you brighten my days, you help me thru my worse days and when i'm in the pit you're always willing to throw in a line to try to pull me out. you all are the greatest bunch of people i have ever known in my life and i'm so happy to be a part of this group. thank you to all of you for being my friends and my family. okay enough with the sappy stuff
  7. welcome back Jennifer our stories may be different but the affects are still the same. i hope you find what it is you are looking for here. whatever that may be. damagedmask
  8. thank you Onyx i don't know what i'd do without you. you give me a reason to wake up every morning and try to keep going. phoenix
  9. hi everyone i use phoenixsoul all the time and it brings back such bad memories i am in the process of trying to get my name changed but so far no luck. i guess if i have to stay with phoenix soul i will just remember the beautiful bird that rises from the ashes. i guess thats one way to look at it. anyways thank you for the welcomes they are very much needed right now. phoenix
  10. well i went thru something totally differnrent i went thru CSA, CRA PTSD bipolar BPD anxiety panic anlong with a few other just thrown in for fun. what i have learned in my therapy, going thru all the bullshit i've been thru, a strong solid man or woman behind you is neccessary. they tend to keep you grounded, keep you in the here and now. although i do have DID, PTSD, PTSD, along with a few other things trown in for fun my patner keeps me well grounded so if you have none of these things to worry about i wouldnn't worry about being grounded with him and being yourseld. you may, you probably w
  11. hi sorry my brian doesn't work and i'm not good at names or i'd be thanking everyone of you one by one, so a general thank you is all i'm capable of doing right now. so thank you everyone for welcoming me here. it's nice to be somewhere so friendly. phoenix
  12. thank you all for the warm welcomes. i'm beginning to figure this site out pretty well. some of the sections i plan on staying away from for now, like the females section, i just have a feeling it would be way too triggering for me right now. lots of new fbs and memories coming up. so i'm keeping it to the simple sections for now. but anyways thanks for welcoming me guess i'll shut up now. phoenix
  13. hi Kimbee thanks for the warm welcome it was very nice of you to welcome me in such a nice way. i can't tell you how many times i've done the same at another site i belong to, it's nice to be welcomed in the same way. you made me feel at ease thank you. phoenix
  14. hi and thanks for the welcomes. i'm used to forums but this one is confusing me a little. can supporters reply to posts or do they have to stay in there own section? i'm only asking because i have someone who will be joining to support me and we were wondering if he could reply to the posts i make. phoenix
  15. i'm a survivor of CSA, CRA as well as other forms of *b*s* i have DID, BPD, bipolar, anxiety panic and a few others thrown in for fun. not sure what else to say so i guess i'll shut up now. phoenix
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