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  1. Hi Candy (I am a candy addict too, can't shake my chocolate cravings!) I'm sure you will find this to be a great place full of caring people who are here to support you in your healing.
  2. Welcome! You will find a lot of people here who know just what you are going through. It is a great place and I hope we can help you on your road to healing.
  3. Hi wannabemeagain, I definitely understand where you are coming from on burying everything and then having it all come up again. The good news is that things usually surface when we are ready to deal with them because we're in a better place, feeling safe. SO welcome to AS. There are lots of great people here who are ready to support you. Best of luck for your healing and feeling like you are "you" again.
  4. Thanks everyone. As much as I have talked to people before, which isn't very much, that little "I support U" smiley made me feel the most safe of anything. Thank you all again.
  5. Hi everyone, I wish there were no need for a place like this to exist but I am glad it does. I have never dealt with what happened to me at all. I guess the shock never wore off even though it has been years. Only when I was looking for help online for a friend did I kind of crumble and let myself feel all those things. I really don't know what to do. It's so hard to talk to friends, even thoiugh I have told them. I can't tell my family because it would destroy them. I don't want this to change the way anyone feels about me. So here I am. This is my first step.
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