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  1. Hi everyone. I haven't been on here for awhile, just started my first year of clinical nursing college and have been completely overwhelmed..... I've also been cautiously developing a very ... intense? beautiful? frightening? intimate realtionship, there are no words to describe it, but I have had to fight some strong battles with my own demons from the SA I experienced as a child and young woman. My partner is overwhelmingly supportive, its about the last thing I've ever expected in life.... to find someone who I can trust... the hardest thing I think I have ever done was tell him about t
  2. I am still new here, but I am glad to see you have found this place. It has been sooo helpful for me, each time I visit AS I feel more 'normal' and less alone. So, welcome, and I hope this can bring healing to you.
  3. Macca, I am glad you are here. I'm new, too... less than a week, but it feels so awesome to read other survivor's words, suddenly all this sh** I have struggled with inside seems soooo normal..... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!
  4. If you are not comfortable with what your therapist is trying to have you do to heal, then it is probably time to consider another therapist. I was only comfortable with a female therapist. Therapy is not supposed to be a walk in the park, but it shouldn't push you beyond your fragile boundaries. That's my two cents. i could be wrong. Don't give up on your self or your healing.
  5. I'm new, too, but I am also in a Nursing program at my community college. I think it is awesome that you have found the strength and courage to go into this field. I know that my personal recovery experience has given me some incredible strengths and insights that will make me a great R.N. I have struggled, too, with the commitment of going to college - had to fight some serious depression and keep going, but it has been SO worth it. Succeeding at school has given me a lot of faith in myself as a whole person. I hope it does the same for you.
  6. I am another new member. I am another survivor, but not another statistic. I am hoping to hear from other members who have formed successful intimate relationships as adults after living through childhood sexual abuse. I have come to peace with most of what I have lived through, but now I am getting "close" to someone and don't know how to approach the topic of my past with this person. I am a strong and emotionally, physically healthy person but what I have experienced is also a part of me forever. I can't hide the truths, when I was in my teens i carved on myself a lot as a way of d
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