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  1. Hi guys, I am an old member who hasn't been online for a while. I've come back as I need some support. I would also like to support others and feel as though I am in a place of understanding. I have a question - how do I change my colour theme on here? I can't really see it properly, and it's messing with my eyes (I have terrible eyesight). Thank you. I hope people are as well as they can be, xxx
  2. for me, healing means acceptance - accepting what has happened and its effects and that some i can change and some i cant so i need to learn to manage them.
  3. you are nothing to me - foster brother 1 you must be so lonely - foster brother 2 why did you have me? - foster mother why did you leave me - real mother I'LL THRIVE, NOT JUST SURVIVE - the whole lot of them
  4. keep coming back into this folder no matter how many times i close it again... im not very nice to my 'inner child'...i want her gone, she weak and needy and i cant provide that for her, i dont want her here, she's a waste of space ive been of that attitude for years and years, she isnt going, cries more, wants more, needs more
  5. iamreal


    hiya... i am not new per se, i joined last year, but didn't come back after the initial 'hi's' etc. I suppose you could say I am new in the sense I am a 'new' me lol. This place scared me I think...but that fear can only be raised if it is there in there first place, I have learnt. I want to share my story, my ongoing progress. i am proud of myself (fact i can say that is progress lol) but also maybe people will gain hope from my story. I won't ramble on now about all my progress etc, I will save that for another folder Anyway, i'm back i hope u are all being nice to u
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    thank you all so much for the fantastic welcome I have recieved amireal xoxoxoxox
  7. iamreal


    hi, thank you very much, know i am in the right place a nice to know no pressure amireal xoxoxoxoxoxox
  8. iamreal


    hi, ty for the warm welcome, evry1. its much appreciated amireal xoxoxoxoxo
  9. iamreal


    hi, ty for yr message. am just a bit nervous bein here. always knew i was abused but only just realisin the exent to which i was, so just a bit hard. still have that fear of bein blamed and its my instinct to stay 'quiet'. i also get scared that if i say anythin, ppl wont believe me - i even wonder myself sometimes; maybe that is just another form of denial, an escape mechanism. thank you again. sorry to be so miserable. hope you are ok amireal xooxoxoxoxo
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    hihi, am new here, so just saying hello and thank you for having me. I am a bit unsure and nervous and a bit 'lost' at this point in time, but sure it will pass. Hope to 'meet' you all over time. Take care everyone. amireal xoxoxoxox
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