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  1. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome....to AS. I hope you find great friends here, as I have thus far. Jess
  2. Welcome to AS... I hope this is a place you feel stronger and use as a safe haven away from the hardships that you may face each day. There are great people here and I am glad you are here! Take care, Jess
  3. atomictulip


    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to AS. I hope you find this place good for you and know that there are great people here. Take care! Jess
  4. ((((BeautyBehindPain)))) Welcome to AS and know that this is a good place to share, vent and find friends. I am new here as well (almost a month now) and this is the first message board I have ever been to and I too was R***. My R**** happened almost 4 years ago coming this June. Where do you begin? Where you feel comfortable...at least that is what I am learning here from everyone else. Go at your own pace and use the message boards to vent and purge and find hope. I use the message boards to let myself know that I am not alone and that yes, this is sooooo hard to do by myself. There are lots of good people here and feel free to be yourself. If you ever need anything, feel free to PM me anytime. Take care, Jess
  5. Welcome to AS, I just recently became a member a few weeks ago and there are great people here.... If you need a friend, know that I am willing to listen. Take care.
  6. Welcome here to AS, I am new here and I am finding that there are people who care and will support you. At least that is what I see here. If you ever want to PM, know that I am new to this and willing to listen and be there for you. Take care.
  7. Thank you all for your support thus far. I really hope to find hope in this forum and find friends who will be there as I face my issue head on...esp. with all of the counseling and such. Thanks.
  8. Hello Everyone, I don't really know how to introduce myself. I don't accept myself, so how would I expect you all to accept me for me? I am looking for support here. This is a scary step for me to even come here at all. I was "the big R-word" 3 and 1/2 years ago. I am 25 and in Medical School right now. Life hasn't been "life" since then. I am finding that this is "normal" with most of the posts that I have read. Well, I finally decided to try counseling and tomorrow morning is my third appt. I don't like it because I feel like the counselor is prying and I don't know if I am ready. I think I am ready but my inner "child" says no, no, no...go hide. Know what I mean? My question is this, how do you know its the best thing to do, when I feel like I can handle it on my know, but I know in my heart that I just don't want to face anything because the whole thing scares me? I don't know what I think these days... I just find myself getting less sleep each day, being hypervigilant and scared all of the time. Does anyone feel alone, even though you know others have been through the same thing or worse? Does it get better ever??? ~AtomicTulip
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