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    ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary dance. doing makeup. couture. music. being irish. sunshine. glitter. sprinkles. red balloons. the city. diet coke. water. blankets and pillows. my kitten. my brothers. coffee.

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  1. ive been really busy so havent been on here lately and wanted to welcome everyone who is new! also, (i didnt know what section to put this in)... i got a new kitten tonight! he is a 6 week old little boy and i am hoping that he will help me sleep a little better and calm my nightmares down. but i need some advice! WHAT DO I NAME HIM? i want to name him something unique and meaningful...heard any cool names lately? suggestions welcome!
  2. hi there! welcome!! i hope that you find what you are looking for! have a great night!
  3. hi rosi!! so glad that you are here! have a great night!
  4. welcome to as!! let us know if you have any questions or if we can help!!
  5. hi gracie! (that is me kitten's name!! ) welcome!!!! if you need any help, feel free to ask. ive only been here about a week, so i am new too! have a good night!
  6. im proud of you for doing so much amazing work!! coloring is one of my new found favorite things to do ;) cant wait to get to know you!
  7. good to meet you! have a great night!!
  8. hi sweet girl, welcome! i hope that you find some strength here! have a great night!
  9. so glad that you are so strong and continue to look for support, even though you didnt find it at first. i hope that you find what you are looking for!
  10. hi!! i am new as well!! welcome!
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