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  1. Well I don't know if this is the type of book you are looking for but I am finding it helpfull... The Survivor's Guide to Sex How to have an empowered sex life after childhood sexual abuse By Staci Haines I was not sexually abused in my childhood, I was raped when I was 18 almost 19 but I have been finding to book to be very helpful anyways... Hope this helps you and welcome to AS
  2. Hi my name is Heather. My abuse first started in July of 2002 and lasted till April of 2003. It was most of my senior year of high school. I didn’t even get to know his real name till months in. I am just hoping to get some help through the healing process. I just realized that I am nowhere near over it. I also am hoping to find some new people to talk to about it that know what I am going through and don’t tell me that I should be over it by now. And ask me why I still can’t go back to the places and town that it happened in…
  3. Does anyone know of any support groups in the Derry NH area? I could only find one in Nashua?
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