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  1. Welcome, Im glad you joined us here. I use to get angry, but it was mostly during my CSA... sometimes I still get so angry that I throw things at walls and I throw "temper tantrums".. I dunno, I wish I could help but for me, time has kind of been easing it I think... or maybe it's that I'm becoming passive too, I dunno Either way, welcome and I hope you are as comfortable here as I have become
  2. Welcome, I know how you feel and I hope you find it here like I have
  3. Welcome to you both. I hope that you both find the caring and gentle support you need here. I know I have.
  4. Welcome to AS, I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I do. It's great that you can look for good in people, that is admirable
  5. Welcome, I hope you find comfort here... as I have.
  6. Welcome, I havent been here long either. Couple days I guess.. almost a week. I dont know... But welcome! hehe
  7. Welcome! Glad you are posting now.
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