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  1. Welcome Sapphire ebullire33
  2. What matters are your feelings after the experience. They are your reality. The things you bring into the here and now and that are affecting you now. We are here for you. Please stop questioning yourself. Now it is time to heal. Love, ebullire
  3. Welcome. I'm ebullire33. I'm 42 with a ... past. You will find peace here. We all will.
  4. ebullire33


    Welcome Annabel. You will find peace at this website. Many blessings to you. ebullire33
  5. Welcome Gloworm. I am a 42 year old champion( I tired of being the victim ) of my childhood. And, yes, you are so right. This website and just the awareness of it all would have helped tremendoustly when we were young. But, here we are now. We are doing well. ebullire33 p.s. having a moment of strength and I heard it's pretty contagious. So I pray that all who are on this website becomes infected.
  6. Hello needafriend. my fingers are crossed. A huge warm hug to you. I am fairly new. Ebullire33
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