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  1. Thanks Wolfie. When this happens it means the subscription needs to be renewed to get the extras such as coloured fonts etc. Will notify the admin.
  2. I have copied and pasted my own story when I wanted to tell someone what happened but I couldn't face writing it all out. I think copy and pasting your own post should be okay, because it's something you could write anyway, as long as it doesn't show other people's responses or anything others have said. I'm not quite sure what you're asking though. If you are emailing someone, they'll see whatever name you use on your email plus the content of the email. There are also other things that can be seen sometimes, like IP address. Can you maybe explain a bit more about what you're wanting to
  3. Not as far as I'm aware. EMDR is eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing. DV, SA, R, CSA, RA... are domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, child sexual abuse, ritual abuse I'm sure you can ask if you don't understand or put it into google Rosi
  4. Can you not just put Google as a favourite and click it if you need to do that? Firefox and Chrome also have private/incognito browsing which don't save your history when you use them. IE may also have this but I don't use it! Rosi
  5. I think there are loads of forums for recipe sharing and it's really nothing to do with survivor issues. Most people cook (it's a normal part of being human) and any kind of basic self-care is a form of healing. There are a huge number of ways to self-care, so we could end up having many many forums. Such as exercise. Exercise is healing, and healthy (unless you're abusing it- I'll come to that) . So why not have an exercise forum with tips and hints, and subforums for running, walking, cycling, swimming? And then there is interaction, human interaction is a basic part of showing ourselve
  6. Welcome :flowers: Hope you'll find lots of support and help here. Love, Rosi x
  7. I get it when I use my mobile for the site. Possibly could be your browser? On the subject...why do we have search flood control?!
  8. Welcome back! Message or text me! (I haven't got your number.) Miss you xxxxxx
  9. I'm pretty sure the board does it automatically, just like the chatroom automatically blocks swear words. No-one went in and changed your words, so it's not really a consent issue. I'm not a board moderator so I can't really comment on why this is. Possum
  10. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=73136 This is the DID support thread - quite a few people here have it! Hope you find this helpful, Possum
  11. Hi Judith, it's probably more likely that the person hasn't responded. I'll send you a PM now and see if you get it :-) Possum
  12. I'm not sure this would be possible to do. The chat is provided by a chatroom source and they usually just have different colours for mods and regular members. A problem with new people having a different colour is that someone who may have been on AS for years but is new to the chat would appear as a new member, and a new member who comes in every day would still be like a newbie and people may start welcoming them and explaining to them about the chat room every time they go in. The chat mods are looking to start hosting some chats for people new to chat to orientate them, so hopefully thi
  13. I agree there is a difference Kelly, but the point I was making before is if someone wrote 'I am scared of all Muslim people because of September 11th', their post would probably be removed because although a minority of that group did something terrible, most are not like that and therefore the statement would really hurt them (I know there are all sorts of conspiracy theories about who actually did it, I'm just making a point though!!). It just seems that for some reason it is okay to do that when it comes to gender? I don't understand why that is. I'm open to hearing explanations, I just
  14. Personally I always reply to threads I see like this with my views, and report them, no matter where they are on the boards. I quite agree that saying one is having trust issues because of abuse is different to saying all xxxxs are all the same. This topic keeps cropping up, I think I'm boring people with my views! But nevertheless, I will continue to post. I won't have any 'group' of people based on age, sex, race, religion etc. discriminated against or made to feel bad for being here because they share an attribute with someone's abuser(s)
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