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  1. hi christinamarie take your time here. we were all nervous at first. there's so many great people here to help hope you find what you need here, if you ever need to talk, just message me, i'll be glad to help
  2. hello, welcome to AS. I'm from New England also. I'm sorry for why you're here, but it's nice to meet you. Hope you find what you need here.
  3. hi kelly, welcome to AS. take your time posting if you need to, no hurry.
  4. hello lisa, welcome to AS. i'm new here also. you're right, it's amazing how few resources there are for those of use who are victims/survivors. but sometimes it seems help is closer than you think. i found that out 3 weeks ago when mu past finially was unlocked inside my head and had a breakdown. and now i've found this sire, which seems so wonderful already. i hope we get the chance to chat. we're hrea to help and support each other.
  5. lonelysoul


    ih becc, i just joined also. so sorry for what brought you here. it seems like a nice sit with friendly people.
  6. hi dana, i'm new here also, sorry for what brought you here. i'm wishing you a speedy recovery
  7. hi jennifer, i'm new here also. i'm sorry for what brought you here, but glad to meet you. lets hope our healing is as soon as possible. i'm gonna take mytime and look around the site, hope you do also. message me if ya want. hope your future is blessed
  8. hello good day folks. you forgot boys SA by men, but I know it's not on purpose. my SA was buried for almost 32 years in my head. i spend most of my time at home, i can't really bother me to the extent if being in fear of other men, but i am always aware it seems now. men much bigger bother me a little, wish i could say more
  9. hello imapunkin. i'm new here also. wish we were meeting for different reason. i hope you can heal someday, someday soon. feel free to message me anytime. i've heard this is a good site for us survivors.
  10. Hello, I am a new member here. I am a 47 year old male. I was r*ped by an older male when I was 15. He took my virginity. We had been drinking and smoking pot. I was very nieve when it came to sex then, and I didn't understand what was happening, only I was scared. I felt like such a coward during and after. I didn't try to stop him or say no, I just froze. I felt so ashamed after, I couldn't tell anyone for what they might think of me. I started using more and different drugs, along with alchohol after it happened so I could forget it ever happened. It did work in keeping it buried inside for
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