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    Never being normal again! Music (rock, blues, rockabilly, rock & roll), Natural Sciences, Promoting the Healing Through Creativity Festival www.healingthroughcreativity.org

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  1. Hey, I just want to say thanks to everyone. I have missed many here and feel a bit strange that there are so many new people. John, the idea for the Healing Through Creativity Festival came from AS. It all started here. Thanks again everyone, George
  2. Hi, Sorry that I have not been around much, but that is live. Had to work in remote locations and just moved. I met a lot of nice people here and feel like AS saved my life and gave me back my strength. Thank you all so much and expecially Vera who showed me how to log in when I was really in bad shape. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you here at After Silence. George
  3. Hi, Hope that you learn and grow and help your sister become happy. Take Care
  4. Hi, You are already doing the best thing that you can. You are supporting and listening to your friend and now she does not have to weather the pain alone. Your honest and true friendship will do wonders. She will know through you that she is not to blame, that she is accepted and that she is very important. If she choses to, She may need support in finding professional help a counselor to help coach her through the healing process. I'm sure you will get some very good ideas from others here at After Silence and I wish good health and happiness for you and your friend. Take Care, Georg
  5. Hi Sarah, W e l c o m e George
  6. Hi, It is impressive that everyone here truely cares for others. I have learned so much and it has changed my life. Understanding the process of healing is tough. There are times when we think, draw upon guidence and try to help others heal. There are times when our hearts guide us and we know. It is amazing. Thanks everyone for caring for others as you care for yourself, George
  7. Michelle, Welcome here!!!!! I hope you are able to make many new on-line friends and find lots of support.
  8. Shelly, Welcome to a great site! There ae so many people with great ideas and most important they really care.
  9. Welcome to AS. Hope you find support and feel comfortable,
  10. Your're welcome here! Everyone is understanding and tries to help. We are trying to heal and I'm sure that you will be able to help us as much as maybe we can help you. George
  11. Hi Ciara, Welcome to After Silence and I hope you find warmth and healing. George
  12. Lizalou, I wish I had a good answer for you. Your situation is so similar to mine and I'm not doing that well. All I can say is that you will have to be patient and he will understand when he is ready. I love my wife, but she is like talking to a wall. After what happened on Valentine's Day, I am so turned off to s** that I just feel numb. I'm glad, because that is a safe improvement. When she is ready (which may be never), she will begin to try to understand. The power is in all of us to overcome the hurt we feel and take back control of our lives. I just don't know how to find and u
  13. George


    Davey, Welcome :!: Everyone else has given you good information. This is a great place to seek help and support. Wish the best for you!!!!!!
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