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  1. hello, welcome! I hope you find support and strength here. When you're ready, you'll find many ears and support for your story.
  2. thank you all. It's wonderful to have a support system!
  3. I was on this board several months ago and found it very VERY helpful. I'm not sure why, but it suddenly became overwhelming. I missed the forum and support but was overwhelmed by the idea of reading triggering stories, so I stayed away. I think I really need this group. I still need to be very careful what I read or how long I spend here as it can set off all kinds of reactions - but as I said - I do need to be here. I will post and comment whenever I can, or feel I can be helpful. Please don't think I'm slacking off by only posting my own issues. I seem to be up to my eyeballs in my own
  4. Welcome! I'm glad you're here but sorry that you have to be here at all. Just coming here and posting is a good step. Congratulate yourself for this! yes, we do get through it. Help...well it helps - I agree with your doctor too. You don't have to always feel this way. What you're going through is normal, unfortunately. Lots of us here have been through the same things....a good therapist can help you get through so much of this and give you your life back. No will tell you it hasn't changed....but it can still be beautiful!! Again, welcome and we're here for you!!
  5. welcome. I hope you find a lot of support and comfort here. It has been a huge source of help for me! I hope the same for you...
  6. I'm chatty too (if my constantly long posts haven't given that away already). My old T was not good at letting me redirect - even after two sessions of trying to explain that what she thought was a big issue was not for me - or was 10 years ago in therapy but I'm good with it now. We never could get to the heart of issues...she'd even bring up chit chatty topics. New T will let me ramble for a session but at the next one she'll say "we need to re-evaluate your goal for T because I feel like last week we may have stepped to the side a bit." Sometimes we have, sometimes I can connect the dots fo
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