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    The best place on earth--Beautiful British Columbia

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  1. Welcome! I'm glad you're with a good family, and I'm sorry for the hurts you have, to be here...but I'm glad you're here to get some good support! You can send me a message if you'd ever like to talk! Blessings to you!
  2. Peanut-- You were very brave to share with the people you did. You are loved and cared about. You will never be abandoned again, and never have to worry if anyone is going to love you. You are precious, you are special, you are amazing. Just breathe...don't panic...you really are worth listening to and really worth healing. It wasn't your fault. You are not forgotten!
  3. Welcome, caremar! I just joined today, also, and I really love it. Please PM me if you ever need to chat. Blessings to you in your journey of healing!
  4. Hello, I happened across this message board whilst looking for resources for my recovery. It really looks like a wonderful board, and is something I think will be of great help to me. And I hope to be of some help and support to others, as well. Blessings!
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