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  1. Lene

    New Here

    Welcome to AS honey...it's a great place to be and everyone is very kind and supportive.Talk anytime you feel like it,there's always someone listening Lene x
  2. Lene

    Hi I'm New

    Welcome to AS Larissa! I hope you find the help and comfort you need here. Many Lene x
  3. Lene


    Beth Welcome to AS,look forward to getting to know you Lene x
  4. Welcome to AS...sending you Lene x
  5. Welcome aboard honey! Lots of Lene x
  6. Jackie Welcome to AS honey....there will always be someone here for you,I have found great comfort here and everyone has made me real welcome.Post when you're ready..just in your own time.PM me anytime you want. Lots of and thoughts to you...Lene x
  7. Lene


    Welcome to AS Lily,hope you find the support I have,everyone here is so kind..I'm fairly new too.Post when you're ready.There's always someone here for you. PM me anytime Lene x
  8. Lene


    Welcome to AS Samaki!! Hope we can all help you on your healing journey.PM me anytime if you want to chat...or see who's in the chat room...everyone's been really nice and supportive to me and will be to you too Lene x
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