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  1. Welcome to AS Kat! Lene x
  2. Lene


    welcome windsong make yourself at home and I look forward to getting to know you Lene x
  3. Lene

    Just Joined!

    Hi Niomi, Welcome to AS!!! Lene x
  4. Lene

    New Here

    Hi and welcome to AS
  5. Lene

    New Here

    Welcome to AS honey
  6. BIG WELCOME TO AS Rachael I'm real glad you found us and hope we can support you along the road to healing. Lene x
  7. Lene

    New To A.s

    Welcome to AS Abby! Lene x
  8. is she the one that keeps trying to talk to me,keeps asking me to look?is she the one that's causing all the hurt now?will it go away if I just ignore her?I have kept my back turned to her for many years.i refuse to hear what she has to say for it was her that brought me this pain.so for now my back will remain turned till i work out what to do with her. Lene
  9. Lene

    Hey Yall

    Welcome to AS Lucybee!! Lene x
  10. Hello again Hope!! Nice to see you back Lene x
  11. Welcome to AS Gracen
  12. Welcome to AS Amie ...hope you find the support you need here with us Lene x
  13. Welcome to AS Jocelyn Lene x
  14. Welcome to AS rob47 ...you are just as welcome here as any woman..as Donna said there are some men about on the boards.Everyone is very supportive and caring and sadly we have all shared the horror of SA and/or R*** Take your time to settle in and I wish you all the best on your healing journey,rocky as it may be. Lene
  15. Welcome to AS hopeneeded
  16. Lene

    New Here

    Welcome to AS Wild.... Lene x
  17. Lene


    welcome to AS honey...sure you'll find lots of support here. Lene x
  18. amitysmom I'm so sorry that this has happened to you.Is there anyone you can contact or talk to? I'm not sure what you should be feeling...I don't know how I feel half the time so sorry not much help there.Keep posting honey and you'll get lots of support from the wonderful people on this site.PM me anytime and I'll do my best to help or at least listen. Lene x
  19. Welcome to AS Hope! This is a wonderful supportive place to be and hope you can find what you need here.PM me anytime and post away when you're ready.Look forward to getting to know you better Lene x
  20. Alison ...Welcome to AS honey! Lene x
  21. Lene


    Welcome to AS honey...You will find an amazing amount of support here from lots of very special caring people.Post when you feel ready.Sending you Lene x
  22. Violet I'm so sorry for what has happened to you and so glad you have a supportive husband by your side.Welcome to AS,you'll get lots of support here so post away when you're ready and I look forward to meeting you. lots of Lene x
  23. Welcome to AS honey...everyone is very supportive and caring and I'm sure you'll find it as helpful as I have Look forward to getting to know you!! Lene x
  24. Lene


    Welcome to AS Graceeternal Hope you can find the help and healing you need here,look forward to getting to know you! Lene x
  25. Welcome to AS honey! and Well done for breaking the silence! sending supportive Lene x
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