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  1. Welcome to AS Cheryl Lene x
  2. Welcome to AS last two.All the best on your healing journey Lene x
  3. Welcome to AS Nova! Lene x
  4. Lene

    New Here

    Welcome to AS to you to sister of night Lene x
  5. Lene

    New Here

    Hi Sonnet...welcome to AS from a fellow Scot! Lene x
  6. Lene


    Welcome to AS Kat Lene x
  7. Lene


    welcome to AS Lene x
  8. Lene


    Welcome to AS unsure Lene x
  9. Welcome to AS honey Lene x
  10. welcome to AS sparks! Lene x
  11. welcome to AS SixyearsSilent
  12. welcome to AS Lene x
  13. Lene


    Welcome to AS Katie I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal.You will find plenty of support here at AS and meet lots of wonderful caring people. Lene x
  14. Lene

    New Here

    hi alone! Welcome to AS.It's a lovely big supportive family here so take your time to settle in and be prepared to meet lots of wonderful caring people Lene x
  15. Welcome to AS Ash! Lene x
  16. Lene


    welcome to AS rainbow Lene x
  17. hey sammy,great to see you back! I was wondering where you had gone.Sorry to hear things haven't been too good for you of late,hope things improve for you now Lene x
  18. Lene


    welcome to AS Anita
  19. Lene

    New Here

    Welcome to AS Jen.I'm sure you will find lots of support here Lene x
  20. Lene

    Hi, I'm New

    Welcome to AS Zorf!!! Lene x
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