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  1. Welcome to AS Demi Lene x
  2. Welcome to AS Maxie! Lene x
  3. Lene


    Welcome to AS Emily! Lene x
  4. Lene

    New Here

    Welcome to AS Eeyore!!! Lene x
  5. Lene

    Hi There

    Welcome to AS Jonny! I hope you can find the peace and healing you need with us here. Lene x
  6. Welcome to AS Mortdogg! Lene
  7. Lene


    Welcome to AS Amelia! Lene
  8. Lene

    Hello To All

    I have an Arab and an Exmoor pony
  9. Lene

    Hello To All

    Lovely horse leavemetomyself!!! I have two hooligans myself!!!
  10. Lene

    Hey, I'm New.

    Welcome to AS Hanna!!! Lene x
  11. Lene

    Hello To All

    Welcome to AS!!! Hope you will like it here! Is that your horse in the piccie? Lene x
  12. Lene


    Welcome to AS Scrat!!!! Scrat is my favourite character of all time...I have two cuddly toy versions...ahem!!! One lives in my Landrover!!! He's just the cutest Lene x
  13. Welcome to AS Burn What kind of do you do?(must ask...fellow artist!) Lene x
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    Welcome to AS Roo! Lene x
  15. Lene


    Welcome to AS! Lene x
  16. Lene


    Welcome to AS Mena Lene x
  17. Welcome to AS As others have said AS can be your reason to get up.There's always someone about and it's a great source of support and much needed love and understanding.So,try and get up(I know how hard that is by the way)and come to AS where you will be heard and understood.Welcome to the family honey! Lene x
  18. Hi Jennie...welcome to AS.I also went through CSA and self injure AND am Bulimic(I still find that part really hard to say)Hope you can find peace and healing here and if you ever need a bit extra support feel free to pm me. Lene x
  19. Lene

    I Am..

    Welcome to AS Leah...may you find peace and healing here. Lene x
  20. Welcome to AS Silent No More! Lene x
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