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    Welcome to AS!! Lene x
  2. Welcome to AS Danielle! Lene x
  3. Welcome to AS Sara Look forward to getting to know you. Lene
  4. missed one....WTF!!!!...leave you all to work it out but I use it more than I should
  5. Lene

    'nother Newbie

    Welcome to AS Kaza! Lene
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    Welcome to AS Lalee May you find all the support you need here, Lene x
  7. YAY!!!! I'm sooo up for this...great idea...can't wait to see teddy and then get to send it on to another. Lene x
  8. Lene

    Scared & New

    Welcome to AS Gayle. I hope you can find the extra support here helpful. Lene
  9. Welcome to AS speakingout Lene
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    Welcome to AS Ali When you're ready we'll be here for you Lene
  11. Welcome to AS coffee Lene x
  12. Welcome back Holly!!! Lene x
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    Hi, I'm New

    Welcome to AS Lene x
  14. Rach Just wanted to say thank-you for this post It is true...perhaps I'm speaking for myself,but I doubt it....it can be hard as a mod to post our feelings whether on the board or in chat at times.For me I kinda feel like I'm expected to be fine all the time just because my name is a different colour.At times I do feel like others expect me to hold it together and be the pillar for everyone else to lean on.I know people probably don't see it that way but it sure feels like that at times.Probably my own projections on the matter but it was really nice and thoughtful of you to remind the world that we are ALL survivors regardless of what colour our names appear and just like everyone else us chat mods,mods and admin staff have bad days and need support just like the rest of the community. ok...that was probably badly put but I hope you get what I'm trying to say!!! Lene x
  15. Lene


    Hi there! Welcome to AS,you certainly aren't alone...sad as that is,there are many.I hope you can find the support you are looking for here. Lene x
  16. Lene


    Welcome to AS!!! Lene x
  17. Welcome to AS littlelamb!!! Lene x
  18. Lene


    Welcome to AS!!! Lene x
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