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  1. Welcome to AS tampa!!! Lene x
  2. Hi Jenny, Welcome to AS!!! I'm sure you will find some much needed support here at AS.. Lene x
  3. Lene

    Hi .....

    Hiya Kimkey Welcome to AS!!! Hope you soon settle in here Lene x
  4. Lene

    Im New

    hey stacey welcome to AS you can tell your story anytime you feel ready Lene x
  5. Lene

    Hi, Im New

    Hi ella20, Welcome to AS Lene x
  6. Lene


    Hi Sardine, Welcome to AS Lene x
  7. Hi Amy Welcome to AS!!! Lene xxx
  8. Welcome to AS Sparkle!! I hope you can find comfort and support here at AS Lene x
  9. Lene

    Um Hi

    Hi Robin and Welcome to AS!!!
  10. Hey Soph..Great to see ya back hon!!!!! Hope we can catch up soon Lene xxx
  11. ((((((((((((((((((lil sis))))))))))))))))))))) yay,glad ya made it here honey bee You know I think the world of ya and am glad you decided to come join us at AS. As for "it the wig" sounds sooooo cute...although from what I've heard Cody didn't think so!!!! luv and hugs to ya hon,hopefully speak to you later, big sis xxxxxxxx
  12. Welcome to As Shirley!! Lene x
  13. Welcome to AS MissP All in your own time hon.You'll find plenty of love and support here. Lene x
  14. Welcome to AS Krys!!! Lene x
  15. Welcome to AS Tagen!!! Lene x
  16. Welcome to AS akagirl! you will find it hard to begin with,especially if this is the first time you have ever talked about it but it does get easier to express yourself.Just take your time and get comfortable round the site.You'll find everyone here very supportive and there is always someone who can relate to how you are feeling and offer hugs,support or advice if you need it.Look forward to getting to know you..in your own time. Lene x
  17. Welcome to AS ashley sure you will find what you are looking for here and soon feel at home with us all Lene x
  18. welcome to AS Moneeka Lene
  19. Lene

    Um, Hi

    Welcome to AS Spikydemon!!!! I love Icelandic ponies Lene
  20. Welcome to AS hun!!! Lene x
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