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  1. Welcome! I hope (and think) you will feel very safe here.
  2. blackandwhite


    Hi Kad. Welcome to AS.
  3. Hi Paulinbos, welcome to AS. Glad you reached out. This is a very supportive community and I hope you will feel less alone. Take care
  4. Hi crystalday, welcome to the forum I'm sorry for what you are going through but you are not alone
  5. Hello ascension. I am sorry you have a reason to be here.. I hope you can find some comfort here. Take your time and feel free to PM if you need anything.
  6. A warm welcome to you piccolaltezza. I find AS a comforting place and I hope you will find that too. I'm happy that you made to this forum.
  7. Welcome! I hope you can find some support here
  8. Welcome to the forum martinez! I hope you can find some comfort here
  9. an ex-friend told me that "oh I thought it was a fantasy of you girls..a friend of mine says she would love to (get...)" and my ex-fiancee "stop crying about it, crying won't help..solve the problem." (to which I said, sorry, WHICH PROBLEM EXACTLY???)
  10. thank you everyone it feels good to see all this support from you. I am going through a bad period, I thought I had somehow improved, my mood was kind of stable, but I was wrong. Of course, even though it happened 8 years ago it will never be really over. thank you again
  11. Hi everyone. I am glad I found this website, although I still have a lot of problems talking about it. I will try reading a bit (although sometimes reading about it hurts too), and I hope to be of help and to be able to share. Confused introduction,sorry.. Thank you all Eli
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