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  1. I hate, hate, despise you, you stupid fuckwit. I wish you didnt exist. Ever exsist.
  2. Thank you very much John, I have found what I was looking for now, Lex
  3. Hello my dear Little Lexie, I want to say sorry for forcing you to go away for a long time, truly I am sorry. Sarah told me about you, and whilst we still haven't met, I hope someday soon we can. I just wanted you to know that I have brought you some small gifts. They are wrapped up and I've left them on the desk. I don't want to bribe you, nor do I want to push you before you are ready, but I thought maybe you would like something to play with someday. So, they are there if you need them. I am sorry I have hurt you, and been so angry with you in the past. Truly sorry. I am going to try and
  4. Please can someone explain how to use it? I have just searched for 'little' bit it comes up with no results and I don't know if it's something I am doing wrong or something wrong with the search function? Thank you, Lexie
  5. Lex


    Thank you for the warm welcome back It will most certainly be a long journey of baby steps for me, but I will hopefully be able to share one day & definitely be able to support along the way.
  6. Lex


    Hi, I think I am new hear- I may have joined last year but then I wasn't strong enough to go through my journey and now I can't remember if I ever did post. I will probably read / join in light hearted threads before I am brave enough to go through my own experiences as I am still finding it hard, and I hope this is ok. Lex
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