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  1. Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the group . so sorry that you need to be here
  2. The Inner Child Thread

    This is so hard ! Last night for the first time in my life i really acknowledged my inner child and wrote a letter to her. There have been times that i have felt a slight connection to her , but not often. Its scary as all get out and i am not sure how we will proceed from here , but at least i finally opened up the door.
  3. I Am New

    Welcome to AS nerfmom, and praise God for you .
  4. Intro To Me

    Welcome to the group !
  5. Silence After 12 Years

    Welcome to AS
  6. Lucy Says Hi

    Hi Lucy
  7. Hello Everyone

  8. New, And Wondering How Do You Do It?

    Welcome to AS
  9. Im New

    Welcome to AS
  10. Hello

  11. Hello Beautiful People :)

    Welcome .. i look forward to getting to know you better. lisa
  12. Hi, I'm New

    Welcome Jackie
  13. Hello

    hi Lindsey .. welcome
  14. Hey

    Hello and welcome to AS Lisa
  15. Hello, I'm New...

    Hello and welcome