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  1. Thanks- I think you are right..I guess I had some notion that I should tell her, but if this 'freeze' comes over me, than it is probably not meant to be...Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your kindness towards a complete stranger I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable enough to broadcast the details of what happened to me to the public here. Not sure if I want to even get to a place where I can type it all out, because I worry that would mean reliving the details..I want to be able to tell my best friend that it happened, and I am hoping that will be enough for some relief..and then move on. Thanks again.
  3. Hi there, I'm not sure how it didn't occur to me before, that talking online would be somehow easier than in real life. I went through a 3 years of hell with my boyfriend, and have been out of the relationship for 5 years now. I felt fine somehow, and have been with my current boyfriend ever since. I though that I had some great coping mechanism or something, until Thursday. I was confronted with a situation (basically being put on the spot, and having to explain my grades to a potential thesis supervisor. My grades reflected my inability to leave the house, go to school, or take exams because of my boyfriend at the time)...and suddenly, I got this intense feeling of anxiety in my stomach ever since. I wasn't able to talk to my supervisor, other than to say 'I had a rough time'. and ever since have felt sick to my stomach. Not sure why I was so naive to think I could escape this without really dealing with it, but I honestly felt that I had moved on successfully. I'm looking for strategies to open up and talk about some of the things that happened over the years... I met with my best friend yesterday, planning to talk to her about it, and I completely froze. Any suggestions on starting this discussion?? Some of the discussion is quite violent and graphic but I have this sudden urge to talk about it- but when the time comes..I can't. Nice to meet everyone!
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