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  1. Thank you Lynn. I hope that i shall be able to find some answers to some questions and help to over come things. It is always hard especially when you are new. but as time goes on i shall feel more comfortable and be able to post my story. For now i shall just read messages and post to them. Then later on when I get up the courage to I shall post my story. Being able to talk to people that have been through a similar sort of thing to me makes it easier. I find that therapists just do not seem to understand as they have not been through any of it. Thank you again
  2. Hello all I am new here. I was refered here from a friend that I talk to through emails. I have posted a couple of messages but have not told my story yet. I find it hard to go into detail about it as it can be long and confusing and of course painful. There are also things that I have never shared with anyone. So I am hoping by coming here I shall be finally able to let go of all of the demons in my life so to speak. Move on with life and stop fighting all the time and for once just live my life.
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