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    she is drowning...and she cannot swim

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  1. Welcome to AS We know how it is, we were a member here for quite a while before actually getting the courage to make our first post. Just take your time, and post when you feel ready.
  2. Hey from SA Welcome to AS. You'll meet alot of great people here, everyone is very friendly and supportive. It's normal to be scared, just take your time looking around and you'll feel at home in no time.
  3. Welcome back to AS. It's good that you're aware you need extra support at the moment and that you made the decision to come back. You'll find alot of great support here.
  4. Welcome to AS. It's normal to be nervous, we found that just reading over the forums a bit and posting replies to topics we could relate to helped ease our anxieties a bit. AS is a great community and you'll find alot of great support here.
  5. Good on you Solstice I know how difficult it is, I only made my first post yesterday, and I've been here for over 6 months. Welcome to AS!!!
  6. Nice to have you here on the forum
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